Yaroslav Askarov

Yaroslav Askarov Scouting Report

2018-19 Team: Avangard Omsk (#1)
Date of Birth: June 16, 2002
Place of Birth: Omsk, Russia
Ht: 6’3”/191cm Wt:163/74 lbs/kg
Position: G
Projected Draft Position: #8

I don’t usually like to do articles on goaltenders because they can be so hard to project to the next level and, even the best goalie guru’s get it incorrect once in awhile. I just can’t resist doing an article on Yaroslav Askarov, I really really like this kids future. You are going to hear reports out there that he best resembles another NHL goaltender named Andrei Vasilevskiy and is on the same development path as Andrei. I agree with that comparison but he has traits of his own that make him a unique talent.

When I see Yaroslav Askarov play he reminds me of a few goaltenders that have had success at the NHL level. His exceptional post to post movement reminds me of Jonathan Quick and another Cup winner Ranger great Mike Richter. Askarov has unbelievable leg quickness. He can come across post to post very easily with one simple toe push. If he feels he can’t get across quick enough he will just do the splits like Quick does. Has a tendency to get into trouble only when he can’t track the puck but his height gives him advantage, as he can look up and around traffic in front of his net. He actually tracks the puck very well and has good vision.

Yaroslav Askarov is very intelligent and can read plays with the best of them. He has above average puck skills and helps his defenseman retrieve pucks on dump ins. He covers a lot of the net using the butterfly style, he is always square to the puck. He needs improvement in controlling rebounds but I am sure that will come with more development. He skates very well and has excellent edges, but most very good prospect goaltenders do.

Askarov is a right handed catching goaltender and this leads me to a couple other ex NHL goaltenders. Yaroslav has an incredible glove hand. He loves to make the flashy glove save and very reminiscent to Patrick Roy. His right handed glove reminds me of Grant Fuhr. legs stretched and glove in the perfect spot for a flashy save. Patrick Roy used to embellish the glove save and I remember a playoff game against Detroit when he did it and it cost him. Live by the sword dye by the sword.

Askarov is almost unbeatable on breakaways because of his athleticism and read ability. I leave you with this quote from Yaroslav Askarov, such a modest view.

“I still do not believe that I became the best goalkeeper of the 2019 World Championships in Sweden. For me the most important thing is to play hockey, this is my passion.”