Tim Stutzle

Tim Stutzle Prospect Scouting Report

2018-19 Team: Adler Mannheim (#8)
Date of Birth: January 15, 2002
Place of Birth: Viersen, Germany
Ht: 5’11”/180cm Wt:165/75 lbs/kg
Position: C/RW
Projected Draft Position #4

Tim Stutzle was drafted by the Seattle Thunderbirds of the WHL but has decided to play in the German professional league next season. He signed a three year contract recently with Adler Manheim of the DEL. Playing with men should help his development although he won’t get as much attention as he would have in Seattle. Stutzle has represented Germany on the International stage many times. He has suited up for 31 games at the junior level and has produced excellent numbers with 20 goals and 29 assists for a total of 49 points.

High end offensive talent

Tim Stutzle is a high end offensive talent as he has proven at every level he has played. As a 16 year old he produced at a rate of 2.75 points per game. Leon Draisaitl at the same age produced 1.60 points per game. Draisaitl had 56 points in 35 games compared to Stutzle at 55 points in 20 games. The future is looking brighter for German born players. The knock on Germans for years was skating issues. Stutzle blows that theory out the window. The kid can flat out fly out there and he may be one of the best skaters in his draft class.

Tim Stutzle has a very powerful first stride and gains top speed quickly. He uses his edges very well to change direction and tempo to beat defenders. Tim has excellent vision and can the think the game a few moves ahead like most skilled players. Stutzle has very good puck possession skills and uses his body to shield the puck before making a play. He tends to hurry his play sometimes and gets in trouble with a bad pass when pressured, but I have no doubt he will correct that issue. He is usually a center but can play the right side when needed.

Underrated shot and release

Tim has a very underrated shot with his quick release he often beats goaltenders. Hands held high on the stick makes him dangerous one on one as he can beat defenders with his puck skills. Would like to see him improve in the defensive zone but that will come with time. Tim is a very dynamic hockey player and should maintain his draft position throughout the year if all goes well in the DEL German Hockey League