Noel Gunler

Noel Gunler Prospect Scouting Report

2018-19 Team: Luleå HF J20—SuperElit (#8)
Date of Birth: October 7, 2001
Place of Birth: Lulea, Sweden
Ht: 6’1”/185cm Wt:176/80 lbs/kg
Position: RW/LW
Projected Draft Position #11

Noel Gunler is one of the oldest players eligible for the 2020 NHL Draft. Among the Swedish “Big Three,” there has not been too much praise for him like there has been for Lucas Raymond and Alexander Holtz. He actually jumped to the SuperElit a year ahead of both of them and had better numbers.

Pure Goal Scorer

Gunler blends in playmaking and goal-scoring abilities perfectly. He is most well-known as a pure sniper with the NHL-caliber shot he has, an extremely powerful and accurate type of shot. He can get power out of his shots from literally anywhere in the offensive zone, it does not matter at all. Like Auston Matthews, Noel Gunler loves to use the toe drag wrist shot, and it is pretty deadly when he does use it. His shooting technique itself is very similar to Elias Pettersson’s. He can find openings in the net with small amounts of space available, and with any chance he gets, he will shoot the puck.

Very Good Play-maker

Noel Gunler also is a very good playmaker. His vision is spectacular and he makes cross-ice passes look very easy, especially on the power play. Mentally, he thinks the game very quickly and good, using his IQ to his advantage.

Positionally, Gunler has a knack for creating space for himself, especially along the boards, so that can make things easier for his teammates if they are looking for an outlet pass. If Noel receives an outlet pass, he has the ability to find a teammate quickly for a quick rush the other way.

Powerful Skater

Gunler is a very good skater. Some of his strides do look funny sometimes, but overall he has a very powerful stride. He has quick feet and can even generate speed on his edges for quick turns, this helps him backcheck very quickly.

He also is a great player to have in front of the net. He may not try to engage physically, but he is pretty good at tipping shots on net. So he is a pretty versatile player when used on the power play, considering you can put him near the left circle or stick him in front of the net. I love how Noel Gunler plays in all three zones.