Jamie Drysdale

Jamie Drysdale Prospect Scouting Report

2018-19 Team: Erie Otters (#4)
Date of Birth: April 8, 2002
Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario
Ht: 5’11”/180cm Wt:165/75 lbs/kg
Position: D
Projected Draft Position: #5

Jamie Drysdale falls into the category of “new age defenseman”. He is a right shot defenseman which we all know is a commodity in the NHL. Add to that the fact that he can skate like the wind and make superb outlet passes and you have a very hot commodity. Teams will be lining up to draft this kid. Jamie is extremely smart and is a leader on and off the ice. Jamie has excellent on ice vision and reads plays very well.

Excellent skater

Jamie Drysdale has been known to take over games at will. I cannot stress enough how well Jamie skates, its like he was born with skates while most of us have two left feet if you know what I mean. Effortless would be the best description of his skating. Paul Coffey was an effortless skater. Jamie bends his knees a lot and gets most of his power from his upper legs. He is very quick from the start and makes up a lot of ice in a hurry. He takes attackers time and space away in a flash. When he doesn’t have the puck he uses his edges and lateral movement to open up space for himself to receive a pass better than most I have seen in this age group. He can stop on a dime and quickly shift focus and go another direction all in one fluid movement.

Power Play Quarterback

Jamie Drysdale has excellent hands and is a very good passer with an exceptional outlet pass. He won’t beat goaltenders at will but that really isn’t his game although he could evolve into a 15-20 goal scorer. You won’t see him take slappers from the blueline in hopes that something hits the net, but he will use his wrist shot in hopes of a redirect in front. He will put up points at the NHL level by quarterbacking power plays, look for him to get a lot of assists. I think they said that about Coffey too when he was coming out of junior, so you just never know.

Jamie can transition from defense to offense in a hurry. He works very hard in his own zone and leads by example. He set a team record with the Erie Otters last season as a rookie posting 7 goals and 33 assists for 40 points in 63 games played. Just watch this kid skate and tell me you are not impressed. His lateral crossovers backwards are exceptional and something to behold for a kid who was just sixteen last year. Amazing really. It will be a treat watching him walk the blueline in the NHL.