Hendrix Lapierre

Hendrix Lapierre Prospect Scouting Report.

2018-19 Team: Chicoutimi Sagueneens (#92)
Date of Birth: February 9, 2002
Place of Birth: Gatineau, Quebec
Ht: 6’0”/183cm Wt:165/75 lbs/kg
Position: LW
Projected Draft Position #21

Despite missing 17 games with a shoulder injury last season Hendrix Lapierre still won offensive rookie of the year honors in the QMJHL. For a rookie he had a huge impact on his team scoring 45 points in 48 games. Hendrix was born and raised in Chicoutimi where most of his family still lives today. Lapierre is a left shot and plays left wing and center. On the PP he sets up on the right half wall opening up his stick to the center of the ice.

Hockey Sense

Hendrix ticks all the boxes in the hockey sense category. He has above average hockey IQ as evidenced with his on ice vision. He sees plays opening up before they are open and makes the perfect play. He makes players around him better with his exceptional playmaking skills. The puck is always around him and when he doesn’t have possession he sets himself up for a pass by finding open space on the ice. Supports the play very well by creating space for himself to receive passes. Goes to the net looking for rebounds, doesn’t glide past the net putting himself out of position. He is very patient, poised and confident and always seems to make the correct play. Loves to hold onto the puck with his head on a swivel to survey the ice before making a play.


Lapierre won’t win any awards in the fastest skater category but he seems to be able to keep up with the speed of the game. He uses his edges very well to dangle around defenders and create space by using stop, start, stutter steps and then go in a different direction. Loves to gain the blue line pushing the defenseman back and either complete a button hook or a toe drag to set them off balance. Has fairly good lateral movement. He is a very good skater, bends his knees perfectly and keeping his posture so he can see all the ice. Has very good balance and can beat most defenders with his long stride and leg strength. I would like to see him gain more top end speed when he has the puck, it would open up more options for him.

Puck Skills & Puck Movement

There is obviously better players in this draft but I have yet to see a better playmaker than Hendrix. Lapierre has incredibly soft hands and can make saucer passes to teammates in all situations. He holds his hands in the perfect position on the stick to maximize his puck control and his top hand elbow is just where it should be in a low position. His wrists are always relaxed giving him total and complete free movement. Has a great backhand saucer pass that always finds tape. Hendrix is a very unselfish player and has been known to pass off the puck a little too much. Coming off the half wall or going to the net he always protects the puck extremely well, you won’t see him give up possession needlessly. If he can’t drive the net he will stop up, control the puck and wait for an opportunity. He is always adjusting his body position according to whats going on in front of him, creates space by changing his angle. Hendrix always has the puck well out in front of him in rushes and when the traffic gets tight he pulls the puck closer to his body. Controls the puck well at high speeds, sometimes the puck is a little too far out in front of him for my liking but man is he ever good at making decisions at high speed.

Shooting The Puck

Hendrix doesn’t have an over powering shot but he is very accurate with it. He doesn’t just shoot hoping to hit the net and give the puck away. He loves to use defenders as screens and often scores as a result. He sets himself up in the slot and isn’t afraid to take a shot without seeing the net. I would like to see him release the puck a little quicker when in scoring position but at least that is teachable.

Physical Game

Hendrix could definitely learn to throw his weight around a little more but he wins board battles with his skills. Protects the puck very well and avoids being hit with his great on ice vision. He isn’t afraid to go into the corner and did the puck out. Lapierre has very strong work ethic and determination, he knows when to be aggressive and when not to. He doesn’t take bad penalties and put his team at a disadvantage. The hits I have seen him make are timed perfectly, and he likes the midpoint of the body as a point of contact. Doesn’t take cheap head shots at players or stick his leg out at the last second to trip someone up.


Hendrix Lapierre is a very good two way forward working hard in all three zones. Hendrix is always pushing himself to be an all round forward and has the drive and determination to succeed at it. Did I mention he is an extremely hard worker and very consistent game to game? He is very easily coached and eager to learn. He understands the importance of being a good defensive player.

Hendrix Lapierre is a very good player and deserves all the accolades he gets. Expect his draft stock to rise as the season progresses. He has a lot of skills and should explode this season in the QMJHL.

Hockey Sense 5/5
Skating 3.5/5
Puck Skills & Puck Movement 4/5
Shooting The Puck 3/5
Physical Game 3/5
Defensive Hockey 4/5

Octagon hockey co-owner Allan Walsh