Dylan Peterson

Dylan Peterson Prospect Scouting Report.

2018-19 Team: U.S. National U17 Team (#8)
Date of Birth: January 8, 2002
Place of Birth: Roseville, California
Ht: 6’4”/193cm Wt:185/84 lbs/kg
Position: C
Projected Draft Position #73

Dylan Peterson played hockey for the US U17 Development program last season. Dylan has a brilliant hockey mind with excellent creativity instincts, as evidenced in his playmaking skills. Dylan is very patient and poised on the ice. Always waiting until space opens before making a pass to a teammate. Sometimes he has too much patience and turns the puck over. He will have to learn how to fix that issue this season.

Natural Born Power Forward

Dylan Peterson is a pure power forward with an extremely long reach. Dylan is very strong and isn’t afraid to use his body to dislodge pucks on the wall. Strips others of the puck with his extremely long reach. I would like to see him use his body even more, tipping the scales at 185 and still growing. When he puts on more weight he will be an intimidating force on the ice.

Soft Hands

For a big man Peterson has incredibly soft hands. Hands are always placed on the stick in the proper position which enables him to dangle defenders at will. Don’t get caught looking at the puck because he will make you look rather average. He has very good puck skills and uses them correctly. I was very impressed with his stickhandling in tight. You would think a big man would have an issue with that but Dylan excels at it.

Very Good Skater

Dylan Peterson is a very good skater, with top flight speed. He generates a lot of speed through his upper thigh strength. He can blow by defenders and catch them flat footed with his dangles. His edgework is very good, giving him balance and the ability to stop sharply and continue on in a different direction in one fluid motion.

Dylan has a hard accurate wrist shot that is deceptive. I would call his shot heavy with a lot of heat behind it. If he can learn and develop confidence to shoot more he will be lethal.

I expect he will be the 74th overall pick in the 2020 draft at this point in time. Excited to see if he can develop even more power in his game and if he ever develops the mindset to shoot more.