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NHL Draft Prospect Scouting Reports

Alexis Lafreniere2020LWOctober 11, 2001Harrison
Dylan Holloway2020FSeptember 23, 2001Dultak
Jake Neighbours2020LWMarch 29, 2002Dultak
Yaroslav Askarov2020GJune 16, 2002Harrison
Alexander Holtz2020LWJanuary 23, 2002Harrison
Cole Perfetti2020CJanuary 1, 2002Harrison
Anton Lundell2020C/LWOctober 3, 2001Harrison
Lucas Raymond2020RWMarch 28, 2002Harrison
Alex Turcotte2019C/RWFebruary 26, 2001Harrison
Dylan Cozens2019C/RWFebruary 9, 2001Harrison
Kirby Dach2019CJanuary 21, 2001Harrison
Thomas Harley2019DAugust 19, 2001Dultak
Moritz Seider2019DApril 6, 2001Dultak
Philip Broberg2019DJune 25, 2001Dultak
Quinton Byfield2019CAugust 19, 2002Harrison
Vasili Podkolzan2019RWJune 24 2001Harrison
Bowen Byram2019DJune 13, 2001Harrison
Jack Hughes2019CMay 14 2001Harrison
Kaapo Kakko2019RWFebruary 13, 2001Harrison
Jamie Drysdale2020DApril 8, 2002Harrison
Tim Stutzle2020C/RWJanuary 15, 2002Harrison
Vasili Ponomaryov2020C/LWMarch 13, 2002Harrison
Noel Gunler2020RW/LWOctober 7, 2001Spencer
Dylan Peterson2020CJanuary 8, 2002Harrison
Marco Rossi2020CSeptember 23, 2001Harrison
Justin Barron2020RDNovember 15, 2001Harrison
Jack Finley2020CSeptember 2, 2002Dultak
Hendrix Lapierre2020C/LWFebruary 9, 2002Harrison
Michael Benning2020DJanuary 5, 2002Dultak
Tyler Kleven2020LDJanuary 10, 2002Harrison
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