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My name is Tim Millar. I am the CEO of Ruby ISS. I use the name Harrison online as a pseudonym. I don't have the beard currently. Only in Winter does it reappear. I love Baseball too. The Dodgers are my team and the last two seasons have been exciting and disappointing because we have lost in the World Series. 2019 is our year, guarantee it.

I have been around hockey my entire life, was born in Quebec in the Montreal vicinity and raised in the West. Lived in Edmonton and 20 cities around it. We moved a lot. Tom Bladon (Philadelphia Flyers) showed up every summer at my best friends place. I learned so much from him, the game has changed immensely since then but the values and skills he taught me are the same. How to act around teammates, why you should listen to your Captains, how to act around coaches and executives. How to dress, how to deal with the media and be a leader, etc. Watched Greg Joly when I was young he was a bantam and thought wow, is he ever good I want to learn what he knows. I studied his game and made it my game, only difference was he did it a 100 times better ( for those that don't know him, he was a major bust for the Capitals), helluva player though and one of the good guys. I had Bladon to talk too and Joly to watch, what more could a kid want. Lived in Sheldon Souray country before Sheldon was born. Seen some very good junior B players growing up around St.Paul, it was then when I realized just how good you have to be to make the NHL. I personally didn't even make Midget triple AAA. You have to be so skilled and a good to very good skater. If you have never been to a Midget Triple AAA game or a Bantam AAA game I highly suggest you get to the rink in your area and watch one. I bet you you can't just watch one. I now live in Vernon, British Columbia.

You will see me at the rink if you are in the area. Vipers Junior A team has quite a storied history. Six National Championships to their name. Ken Holland and Eddie Johnston would be the most famous to the area. Others you may recognize are Brent Gilchrist, Eric Brewer, Eric Goddard and Curtis Lazar.

My favorite player of all time is Mark Messier. Grew up with the boys on the bus so to speak. I was a WHL Scout for a few years until I moved on to Vegas for a scouting job. I once coached roller hockey in Las Vegas and was offered a job in the minor leagues but turned it down due to my wife having health concerns.

I remember scouting a player named Dale Derkatch of the Regina Pats. I thought he was going to be a terrific NHL player although I was concerned about his size as most scouts were. I was in awe of his play. He scored points in bunches. I thought for sure he would challenge Gretzky for goals scored in a season. Ok, maybe not that good, but you get the idea. I would watch him live anytime I could get to the rink, very talented player. Dale never did make it to the show and that really opened my eyes on scouting.

There are many more examples of talented players that didn't make the NHL. Scouting is not an exact science but many things have changed over the years. It is now much easier to predict whose game will translate but there will always be an Alexander Daigle type that just baffles the mind. You could probably count on one hand how many scouts you would see in an NHL rink back in the eighties, now there are probably 30 present on any given night.

I love hockey. It is in my blood. I am crazy about it, passionate about it. Fanatical! I think I became a rabid fan of the sport during the Canada vs: Russia series in 1972.

You will see me a lot around here. I plan on making this a go to hockey site. I have designed everything you see so far. I used a template and then modified it from there. Created a couple databases to house player data. Installed a membership package and modified that. Has been tons of work and challenging at times but I got through it.

This site should work on your mobile phone. I have made sure the site stays responsive to screen size. It should adapt to whatever size your screen is. If not, buy a new phone :)

Enough about me. Here is what we do here at Ruby ISS.

If there is something you would like to ask me please use the contact page. Thanks for stopping by, create a great day.

Tim Harrison's Scouting Reports
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