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I’m a contributor here at Ruby ISS with a focus on WHL/western Canadian prospects and general insight into prospects outside of this particular region, specifically CHL prospects.

As with any Canadian kid, my memories are rooted in hockey, whether it was playing on the street or on the ice, or watching every possible televised game. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to keep watching and noticing the “little things” that great players invariably perfect, which is where my roots as an evaluator are.

I find that if I enjoy watching a player play, the likelihood of the player panning out is pretty good, so use that as my basis before using metrics oriented (size, strength, skating, stick work, stats) parameters to flesh out my evaluations. Certainly, completing SMWW’s Hockey GM and Scouting course has helped to framework my evaluations.

It is important to understand that the evaluations are, at least in part, subjective interpretations. So while you’ll likely see similarities in my evaluations to the evaluations of others in the realm of draft prognosticators for the most part, you’ll also likely see some unique perspectives that may seem out of left field, but that’s the subjective input coming into play. Feel to free process my evaluations as you see fit.

Overall, my goal is to provide some value with my perspectives but, even if they don’t, hopefully you’ll have enjoyed reading what I’ve written and that in itself will provide some value to you.

If you would like to talk to me please use the contact page.

Dultak's Scouting Reports
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