Tyler Kleven

Tyler Kleven Prospect Scouting Report

2018-19 Team: USNTDP (#43)
Date of Birth: January 10, 2002
Place of Birth: Fargo, North Dakota
Ht: 6’4”/194cm Wt:190/86 lbs/kg
Position: LW
Projected Draft Position #74

Tyler Kleven played for the U.S. National Under 17 team last season and recorded 8 points in 52 games, racking up 96 penalty minutes. Tyler is a big shutdown defenseman with offensive upside. Tyler loves the physical game and can lay out bone crushing hits.

Hockey Sense

Tyler is a poised and confident blueliner that has patience and poise and makes the correct play when pressured. Seems to be able to find open ice and relay an outlet pass to a teammate. Sometimes gets into penalty trouble in his own end but he has time to correct that. Tyler is able to read plays in front of him and adjust his position for better coverage.


Tyler Kleven is a very good skater that uses his edges well. He doesn’t have top end speed but he manages to keep up the pace of the game. He has a very long stride with powerful thighs and excellent agility. Tyler moves laterally very well and carries the puck out of the zone with speed maintaining control of the puck. Would like to see him improve his first step and get more acceleration off the start.

Puck Skills & Puck Movement

Tyler Kleven can move the puck out of danger and he uses his teammates effectively when doing so. He is able to control the puck at a high speed but lacks stickhandling ability when in traffic. Has proper hand positioning on the stick and relaxed wrist movement but really needs to work on his stickhandling. Tyler feeds his teammates quick accurate passes but gets in trouble in traffic.

Shooting The Puck

Tyler has a booming slapshot that shakes up goaltenders when he uses it. His wrist shot is good but not great and will need to be worked on. Doesn’t possess a quick release but he did work on that last year with his USNDTP coaches. I thought he improved with it but it is still a work in progress. It is clearly not an area of strength but he seems to be developing at a very fast rate.

Physical Game

Tyler Kleven loves the physical game and it is clearly an area of strength for him. He hits like a Mac truck and hurts his opponents. Once an opposing player has been hit by him they tend to shy away from further contact. Almost always hits the mid point of the body and rarely takes boarding penalties. Tyler has a knack for forcing incoming forwards to the boards and has excellent timing with his hits. Stands forwards up at the blueline with punishing hits.


This is Tyler Kleven’s main strength. He is a very good defensive player. He angles forwards to the boards keeping the puck away from the center of the ice and danger areas. Always has his head on a swivel when retrieving dump ins, scanning the ice for open teammates. Tyler has a very strong work ethic and is always willing to learn. Stands up for his teammates and isn’t afraid to drop the gloves when needed. He really understands the importance of becoming a better player in the defensive zone. He is willing to take a hit when necessary. Tyler has very good body position and rarely looks at the puck when defending an attacking forward. He is always looking at the body to determine what the forward is going to do. Tyler has a very long reach and is able to strip the puck away when you least expect it.

Tyler Kleven is rewarded a lot of ice time by his coaches because he is defensively responsible. He is used in critical situations and on the PP. Tyler has a very good attitude towards coaches and teammates on and off the ice. He likes to lead by example. Will stick up for teammates in all situations and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. I would like to see him work on some offensive skills such as shooting the puck with a quicker release. Also needs to improve his puckhandling ability. Tyler Kleven should be a mid round pick in the 2020 NHL draft and if he can improve on his puck weaknesses he could move up the ladder.

Hockey Sense – 4/5
Skating – 3.5/5
Puck Skills – 3/5
Shooting – 3/5
Physicality – 4/5
Defensively – 4/5
Intangibles – 4/5