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Welcome to Ruby Independent Scouting Society. We launched the society April of 2019. At RISS we scout and gather information on junior hockey players throughout Canada, USA and Europe. We have staff that are very passionate about scouting and writing articles with up to date quality content. We will strive very hard to supply you with as much quality content as we can about NHL Prospects.

If you would like to know more about Harrison who founded the society please read this.

What makes us different? We are a Society. We do not profit from our work. All of the money donated to our society is used to keep the society running which gives young gentleman a chance to live a dream. Hundreds of kids across North America are just waiting for someone to notice them and give them a chance. Ruby ISS is going to be a completly free service for a few months until we build our content. You will be able to read about prospects and not have to worry about paying for it. This information will be available to the public which includes NHL and Junior teams. Our goal at Ruby ISS is to supply as much quality information as we can about NHL prospects. Will we have information about every prospect? No, definitely not. We want to concentrate on supplying quality content about prospects which brings me to another point I would like to make.

We will be writing articles about players we have scouted and gathered information about. If you would like to know how we grade a prospect, please don't be afraid to contact us and ask. We strive to be as fair as possible.

We are currently looking for writers to supply the site with written content. This is a perfect opportunity for people just starting out and wanting to get their name out in the industry. If you know the game and have scouting experience or have no experience you are welcome to work for our society. If you would just like to supply us with scouting information and rather not be an author, that is ok. Contact us today

Are you an individual that wants to learn scouting? We would like to talk to you. We can give you an opportunity.

We plan on keeping scattered advertisements off of this site. We may sell you a text link at the bottom of the page or pages but it would have to be NHL or Junior Hockey related, and that is a big maybe. Why? We find there are too many sites out there that are all about the ads. Not here at Ruby ISS, we supply information on prospects not ad companies. Now back to the text link idea. For the last 20 years in my spare time I have studied search engine optimization (SEO). What I have learned over those years are many things. What I deem to be the most important is text links that are reciprocal. This makes your web site more popular in Googles eyes and it increases your ranking, which eventually means more hits to your web site instead of ads that take visitors away from your site and make your site look gaudy. Therefore in conclusion, I will exchange text links with you for free.

If there is something we left out please use the contact page. Thanks for stopping by and create a great day!


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